Saturday, 21 March 2015

Useful, Beautiful AND Minimal and preferably transparent.

All my life, I've applauded and failed in equal measure to follow William Morris's excellent advice: "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful." 

However, he lived in gorgeous roomy Arts and Crafts houses and not in 41 square metres on an ancient boat, SO, I have added to his criteria.  Yes, useful and beautiful but also smallest size available with highest performance and preferably see-through too so as not to take up space or appear to do so.  Here are this week's first Hero choices: The slimmest, most powerful, cordless Dyson hoover.  Life may be chaotic but it feels a whole load better when the bits of the carpet that survive each wall demolition don't look scuzzy.

And a 'thing of beauty' glass infuser mug from Whittards for the mint and ginger tea which is my drink of choice these days before sun/yardarm time. 

Both this items are life enhancing 'things.'  We won't have much on this boat but I am determined that whatever we do have will gladden our hearts however mundane their function!  Surprising what deep joy a good vacuuming can bring some people!  

We arrived with two dinner plates, side plates, a set of cutlery each, two glasses, two mugs a kettle, saucepan and frying pan, sharp kitchen knife, a fish slice and slotted spoon.  I've added two bowls, an oven tray and a serving platter. Will report further on what other bare necessities I succumb to feeling I need.  (And yes, I know my Whittard mug wasn't essential but it ticked all WM's and my boxes!) 

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