Thursday, 19 March 2015

Plain sailing or choppy waters ahead?

The moment I took this photo was possibly when I stopped doubting that we had made the right decision moving onto our little boat in Bristol for the summer.  It was the fifth evening since we'd arrived from Devon and although the night was going to turn bitterly cold, the sun had shone in all day making the boat so warm we opened the bow doors and took our glasses of wine outside to watch the sun set.

It was so peaceful - hard to believe that we are right in the City Centre and surrounded by boats with our fellow boat dwellers and all the houses on either side of what is called The Floating Harbour that flows past one side of Spike Island.  The last few days have been a chaos of settling into new routines and adjusting to living in a tiny space 40ft by 12ft that needs completely gutting to become properly habitable all the while having to be our office and business HQ.  It will be interesting seeing how we adapt, if we cope, who we meet and how life changes......again!

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  1. There is something about boats and living on water. I have met a number of people who live on boats and not one who does not love it. Somehow, it seems to offer a life slightly off centre but also more connected. I shall be following with interest and a little envy. Best of Luck. Nikki