Sunday, 22 March 2015

Here comes The Young - little darlings.

I'm just wondering if there has been any research into the benefits of being surrounded by young people along the same lines of how warmer climates suit older joints.   Many of our neighbours on the boats around us are in their twenties and our days start and end with the University rowing teams practicing and competing in the harbour in front of us.  

They start at 6 am and the last outing is after dark.  Races are held on Saturdays with all their mates on the banks cheering them on.

Their energy and gusto is infectious and with 35,500+ students living in the city I just wonder what effect they have on the rest of us.  Are we less curmudgeonly, less inclined to be set in our ways and a bit more optimistic and easy-going.  Does breathing the same air as them make any difference at all.  I find their sheer enthusiasm joyous to watch - I just wish their 'infectious energy' was more catching.  It's too easy to spend time not doing anything much at all other than people and boat watching.  

There is the most extraordinary variety of craft afloat around us.  Glanced up and saw this large rigged wooded ship yesterday. (I know - I need to get a better camera)

Is there a "twitcher' equivalent moniker for boat-spotting?

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