Friday, 20 March 2015

Opening the roof when the sun shines......

Bristol lies in a basin, surrounded by hills and as a child I remember there was often a hazy pall that hung over the city on even the sunniest days.  I haven't seen any trace of it since we moved back a couple of years ago and although the news said Bristol was suffering from the European smog yesterday, it turned into another glorious day and we opened the hatch over the front cabin which is our bedroom.    

I have fantasies of lazy lie-ins and afternoon snoozes while catching some rays.  I wish!  I don't think the word lazy comes in the boating lexicon because there is constantly so much to do.  
The boat used to sleep eight people when it was a Norfolk Broads cruiser.  Goodness knows how.  We are gutting it to make one bedroom, a decent shower room and a larger living area and office.  Much more about that as we progress, but here's some before and after from this week.  I head off to get some work done each morning and come back to the boat getting a bit more spacious by the day. 

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