Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Resolutions are not just for New Year's Day - Thank goodness........

......because, in our household  there have been many failures at this New Year's Day's first hurdle including the diet controlled diabetic who has had a large bowl of left-over Xmas pudding with brandy butter and who is now on the sofa enjoying the sleep that only that sort of sugar rush can induce.  Snappy exchanges with loved ones over little things, walks that haven't been taken! Dogs that haven't been walked.  Bottles that have been opened and glasses poured. Trashy films chosen over unopened improving Christmas books.  Duty calls not made, tidying up not done.......the list could go on.  
Yes I know this blog is meant to "accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative and latch on to the affirmative"  to quote the magnificent Johnny Mercer/ Bing Crosby song but sometimes having a plan, letting that plan change and going with the flow is the best thing to do - and that is what has happened here today.  

The only good thing about this list of failure is that things that can only get better (to coin another hijacked lyric) and that thank the Lord, tomorrow morning and every one after it will always be the first day of the rest of life to make fresh starts and new resolutions. 

Happy New Year to you - how have you got on?  

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