Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The Dead Eyes of Politics

The eyes are the windows of the soul they say and as I've watched the Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce drama play out I've been struck by the faces of both them and many of their former political associates who have been called upon to make media comment.  There has been an extraordinary deadness in the eyes.  No appearance of passion, no fear, no shock, compassion, contempt or outrage.  Just a black deadness.  

As someone who once was very engaged in politics I was aware how, if you let it, its toxicity could contaminate and eat away at the soul like a tumour - but at least that was an aggressive active force that could be challenged and that defied being ignored.  This dead expressionless presence (or should that be absence) is more sinister.  Have the bodysnatchers done their worst?

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Steady the Buffs and Peeling Oranges

Every family has its code language, sayings and catchphrases that provide conversational shortcuts. Ours include "Steady the Buffs" and "Peeling Oranges."  These sayings exist and get used without any real reference to their origin and in fact there has been some dispute about where they come from and when they started being used.  We say "Steady the Buffs" when there is any sign of panic or chaos.  In fact The Buffs were the 3rd Regiment of Foot in the British Army who's nickname came fro their pale yellow(buff) jacket facings.    In 1858 an adjutant shouted out 'steady the Buffs' to get his men in order.  It became a popular phrase in the British Army.

As for 'Peeling Oranges?' that's a chastisement we use when someone gets themself a coffee or drink without offering to do the same for others.  I can't find any source for it although we suspect it was used by family after the war when oranges came back into Britain and Grandma would peel oranges for the children.  While googling the phrase though  I did discover this story that touched me.  

Ernest Hemingway, the author would spend hours peeling oranges and gazing into a fire before beginning the write a new novel.  When he was asked about this, he said he was preparing his soul to write - like a fisherman preparing his tackle before going out to sea.  "If I don't do this and think only the fish matter, I'll never achieve anything."

Friday, 1 March 2013

Be Fabulous.....

The Life Audit three stage time management and personal development programme covers 10 aspects of life.  Relationships, Health, Home, Work, Money, Citizenship, Leisure, Mortality, Soul and .... Style.  Yep, along with all the big stuff there's a whole section on how you look and present yourself to the world.  

I've lived in my customary black jeans and jumpers since Christmas it seems but saw these amazing confections in designer and dressmaker Gilly Woo's window this week.

I only have two words to say about them and they are simply......