Sunday, 30 December 2012

Life Audit - the day before the day before!

New Year's Day is traditionally the time to make resolutions and changes for the better.  Hmm!  Experts say it takes just 21 days for people to adopt changes for good while  all the statistics show that by 18th January most of us will have failed to stick to our promises to self!

Life Auditing is all about being sure about the changes you want to make in the first place and about planning how to bring them about.  That's why the first of its three stages is about taking stock of either your whole life or one tiny part of it you want to improve.  With 2012 coming to a close why not plan to begin to audit your life in 2013.  With the brand new site offering all charts to fill in online now plus a mobile app so you keep track of what you do while on the move,  You've no excuses to be ready for whatever challenges the New Year brings. 

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