Friday, 4 January 2013

Daily data - Blessings counted!

Life Auditing is a private process.  Quite the reverse of group therapy.  The data you put into the charts is for your eyes only and comes from the private observations you make of yourself and the life you lead.   What falls out of the bottom at the end of the process is the individually tailored answers you've been looking for.  (And often knew already in your heart of hearts)
 I presume the private nature of the process is why Auditors prefer to email individually questions and comments rather than chatter about them in a more general sense.  Either is fine and I am always pleased to hear individually from anyone as they carry out audits on all or parts of their life.  In the last couple of days, since New Year,  new joiners have registered from all over the world and the new App is registering in top app charts.  These comments summed up some entries being made in the Blessings Counted section of the first Life Audit Daily Accounting chart - the Daily Journal.  

"Gave my girlfriend a big hug before we left for work and loved the familiar smell of her perfume. It stayed with me all day."  Steven, Barnes, London

"Stuck in traffic but seeing children playing and laughing in a park was a joy to watch."
Dilys, Manhattan.

"Woke up early and had first coffee in favourite mug watching the sun rise...,,,,feel excited about the day ahead and doing something positive to make changes with The Life Audit. Curious too about what it will show me."  Laura, Adelaide.

"My bad cough has gone!  Brilliant!"  John, Enniscorthy, Co Wexford.

"Very happy to see my colleagues  - I am lucky they are such a good crowd, I'm glad to go to work each day" Sam, Toyko.

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