Thursday, 10 January 2013

Health - Fit for Purpose

Grey, grey days at the start of the year, compounded by staying in Bristol city centre hadn't done much to help me keep my New Year's resolution to have daily exercise and fresh  air.....until we walked on Clifton Downs!  Never mind the physical stuff, which we got from putting accelerator foot in front of brake food for an hour, it was more the exercise in 'spectator' sport we enjoyed.

Which included model aircraft flying - and look at the lovely architecture behind, of the Clifton houses that encircle the Downs.  The one benefit of this time of year is that they are very visible and stand out against the bare trees and the sullen sky.

There were several dads and sons footie games going on plus dozens of people running, cycling, walking and talking.  It was a feast of community enjoyment of a big open public space and put my slightly dragging feet at the thought of the walk to shame. 

Talking of walking - it was muddy!  Very.  But my Christmas present waterproof walking boots had their first outing and proved totally 'fit for purpose."  More of which later. 

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