Thursday, 21 February 2013

Leisure - and love remembered

I walk for an hour most days primarily for health and to assuage the guilt, that the day before I ate and drank too much, was probably mostly sedentary and most likely indoors.  As I heave on the hairshirt grumpily each morning I choose to forget that I almost always finish the exercise feeling so much better and glad I made the effort.  

The feeling better has nothing to do with feeling fitter, thinner or that cobwebs have been blown away, I don't even particularly enjoy the walking itself - no, the feeling better is always down to something else. Hence this post not being under health and exercise.   This morning it was flowers that was the something else.   I like flowers, I'm interested in the seasons and nature and all that stuff and my walk today indulged me in flora in several guises.     Despite the grass being crispy underfoot with frost from the start of the cold snap, the buds were bursting on most bushes.
As were the catkins.....

Then I saw this bizarre sight where someone had stuck fresh flowers into the gnarls of a tree.  

Nearby a bunch of flowers had been firmly attached to a bench.  What story was behind these floral tributes?  What happened with whom on the bench and under the tree?  A love lost? A love remembered? For whatever and by whosoever, saying it with flowers was clearly the private tribute to a happy memory.  I hope it gave solace.

Meanwhile, keeping with the flowery theme - giving me a fizz of pleasure every time I go in and out of the flat are my newly potted up spring flowers and herbs.  Typically done just as the frost returned for another icy blast.  I hope they survive!

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