Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Leisure - All that Jazz

Tucked away in one of Bristol's oldest parts of the city is a pub.  A world famous pub called The Old Duke.  It's not its ales, or decor (certainly not its decor!) that makes it such a destination for those in the know - it is that it's a venue for the most wonderful, timeless and joyous live music - traditional, New Orleans inspired Jazz. 


Named now after Duke Ellington,  the pub building dates back to 1775 when it was called The Duke of Cumberland after on cobbled King St.  It  attracts musicians from all over the world whenever they are near the city. The atmosphere is always amazing.  Every day there is free admission to fantastic music - sometimes bands, sometimes open mic and sometimes pull-together scratch ensembles as it was last Sunday including the incredible Andy Leggett from Germany who's instruments included a tin whistle and this magnificent bass saxophone.  http://www.andyleggett.com/en/

I love jazz - it is timeless, classless, ageless, just simply gorgeous music that has everyone smiling and toe tapping along.  The Old Duke in Bristol is just the happiest place to be - especially on a Sunday lunchtime.      

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