Wednesday, 27 February 2013

All shall eat cake.....

Yesterday was my birthday and I was treated to amazing foodie delights - each a visual feast too.  I make no apologies for writing of nothing else today.  Normal service will be resumed tomorrow. 
I head out most mornings to work in local cafes (as in to 'write' in cafes not waitress, a confusion I had to clear up when friends started sending sorrowful emails worrying that "it had come to this!" Not that I'd mind waitressing actually.  Happy days were when it was my main income as a student and it's how I met my husband when I worked at his restaurant)
Anyway yesterday the writing fuel was a Cornish Stack breakfast at one of my favourite places The Boston Tea Party.
It consists of slices of Hog's pudding with smoked streaky bacon, and onions, bread topped with melted gruyere cheese, garlic and thyme mushrooms, roasted vine cherry tomatoes and a poached egg.  

I was then treated to a family lunch at The Muset in Clifton village - the best smart restaurant in Bristol - offering incredible value too.  At the moment it's £10 for two courses and a glass of wine.  Chef wasn't too precious not to include a candle on his desert confection!
And then finally, walking home later came across some lovely people handing out free cake and hot chocolate to passers by.   We stopped - of course we did!
They were delicious, served up by Lucy Peppiatt, her family and friends.  

She told me; "We just decided that we wanted to do something kind for people in Stokes Croft. As my son said when someone asked him 'Why are you giving out cake?' -  'Why not?' 
 We had some good conversations with people, young and old, men and women. It was so good just to be able to be friendly.  I wasn't surprised to find that a few people were suspicious - why are doing this, what's the catch, what's in the cake?! They laughed though when we assured them there really wasn't a catch, and I think they enjoyed the fact that we really did just want to give something for free! All in all, it was a great experience of doing something on the streets of Bristol. I like the fact that in a world where there really isn't much for free, that we really could genuinely give something for nothing."

Doctrine wasn't served up with my cup cake but on asking I did find out that Lucy and the others are part of Crossnet an Anglican community who had the idea a few years ago to do church differently.  
So that was yesterday - the diet starts today.

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