Thursday, 2 April 2015

Back to the Seventies

I loved the Seventies! 

Even these bonkers 24 inch flares I made myself - and look at the lapels.  Age 15 and thought the suit was the bee's knees.  Lordy! 

Now, in 2015, I'm living on and surrounded by all things Seventies because the boat was built  then.  However, my affection for the decade isn't going to stop me removing some of the more fetching patterned Formica of the time.  

Even the rubber plant image is SO '78!
It is literally everywhere, apart from on the floor which in part is retro lino.  I'm sure I had a set of crockery in this pattern....

 And last night I caught a programme on TV called  Back in Time for Dinner - a fantastic historical cookery show. 

It was the Seventies episode and many of my remembered favourites appeared including boil in the bag Cod in Butter sauce, Pot Noodles and Vesta Beef Curry which I can remember was a real treat when we watched The Forsyte Saga and was the first time I'd had fruit in a savoury meal, SULTANAS with meat!  So exotic.  

Co-incidentally I was also asked yesterday to advise on a Seventies retro menu for a function   I said no to the proposed hummus, sun-dried tomato and goats cheese but did ask where was the Heinz sandwich spread!  


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